Hi, I'm Sebastian, a software engineer & front-end architect from Munich, Germany, specialised in building (mobile) web applications.


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Sebastian Slomski

I work with designers to develop beautiful and appealing applications using cutting edge web technologies.

About me


Hi, I'm Sebastian, a software engineer & front-end architect from Munich, Germany, specialised in building (mobile) web applications.

While completing an apprenticeship at EDV-Schule Plattling I discovered my passion for building web applications.

Outside of work, I helped organize RefreshMunich, a user group connecting designers and developers in Munich for exchange, work with a friend on an own product and also actively attend other user groups and conferences. I have even given talks to help others to learn from my experience.

In my leisure time I enjoy skiing (I grew up close to the Alps), hiking and rock climbing. I also love to travel, which I mostly combine with scuba/apnea diving.


  • Name Sebastian Slomski
  • Age 24
  • Lives in Munich, Germany
  • Born in Deggendorf, Germany
  • Crazy about Javascript
  • Speaks German, English
  • Shoe size 13 ½ / 49
  • Degree IT-specialist for application development
  • Hobbies skiing, hiking, rock climbing, traveling, scuba/apnea diving

Short Bio

Educational and vocational training

  • 2007 – 2010

    IT-specialist for application development, EDV-Schule Plattling, (vocational computer science school).
  • 1999 – 2007

    O-level degree, St. Michaels Gymnasium Metten, (grammar school).

Professional career

  • Jul 2013 - Now

    Co-Founder of Pure Labs, a consultancy for web projects, focused on tech startups. Munich, Germany.
  • Nov 2012 - Now

    Developer & Co-Founder of Cutters Lounge (Plan It UG), Munich, Germany.
  • May 2012 – Nov 2012

    Javascript Developer, Luluvise, London, UK.
  • Feb 2011 – Mar 2012

    Front-end Solution Architect, catenate/cwerk, Munich, Germany.
  • Feb 2010 – Dec 2010

    Web developer, PersonalNOVEL, Munich, Germany.
  • Aug 2008 – Oct 2008

    Web developer / intern, Silicon Visions Advertising, Sydney, Australia.

Skills and Experience


All Front-end Back-end Software Development
Backbone.js MySQL Extreme Programming jQuery / Zepto.js Agile Software Development Mac OS X HTML5 Automated Deployments (Ansible, Puppet) Django Web Framework Internationalisation Linux CoffeeScript MVC / MVP Large Scale Web Architecture Nginx Migration from SVN to GIT Angular REST API Design High Availability Scalable and Modular CSS MongoDB Backbone.Marionette CSS3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) GIT Phonegap Apache Mobile Web Apps Scrum

Talks and Publications

Conferences and User Group Meetups

Conferences and User Group Meetups give me the chance to connect with other passionate people and share thoughts.
I'm a regular attendee of the Munich Javascript User Group and Munich Node.js User Group.

I'm also taking part in organising the Munich Hacknight and RefreshMunich.

Aside from attending these I also enjoy giving talks and share my knowledge.

Conferences and User Groups I attended



Get in touch

Interested in working together? Drop me a line at me@sebslomski.com.

Professional Network

If you are just looking to connect up to me as a colleague in a shared professional network of like minded individuals, the best way to do so is by connecting with me on Twitter, Github, Xing or LinkedIn.